#1 Blog 2.0


^^^^^^^This was my first attempt at blogging on this subject, starting at the very beginning of my journey to Financial Independence in August last year (2018). My writing came to a natural close as I ran out of ideas for content. After a paltry 9 posts…useless I know. But I have a new idea, I have a fresh impetus (ie. a desperate need for a hobby and improvement in mental health) and I’ve paid for the Blogger package on WordPress so as a newly aware financial guru, I need to make sure its not a wasted £2.25 a month.

I want this blog to be an honest assessment of where I am, what I do, how I think about money, my constant battles with self-doubt and how much I hate my job, and ways I plan to change it.

My goal is financial independence and retiring early. I think…

Maybe this is driven by my dislike for my job, maybe I’m lazy, maybe retirement is not going to be all that great. Either way, it cannot hurt to be financially aware and not waste money like I used to.

A warning: this blog is going to be completely self-indulgent, but I hope entertaining, and will be a kind-of journal through my life and thinking around all things finance. I’m by no means an expert (as you will work out for yourselves) but I have learnt a few things along the way that everyone can benefit from. I’m also writing for my own sanity. You will have to read a lot about my personal struggles over the coming months and the ups and downs that come with my newfound passion for saving/investing/retiring early.

Another warning: this is not just going to be a cathartic experience, but a “side-hustle” project too. An expression you will have heard many times if you even have a modicum of experience within the FIRE movement. I will be unashamedly promoting products/services and attempt to monetise this website. However, I will only plug the things that I use personally that I genuinely believe will benefit you. If it can benefit me too, why the hell not?


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