#9 Running

I absolutely hate running. Or do I? I’m very confused. I’ve long thought I should run, especially as I no longer play football. I want to be healthy for my kids and for my retirement. I’ve put on a bit of timber over the last few months due to over-eating/boredom at work and dieting is also harder these days.

So I went for a run a few weeks ago. Beginners error as I stormed out of the blocks for the first 100 metres, forgetting I’m now 40 and not 14. I proceeded to stay out for a whole 20 minutes, of which 15 were walking. Very poor and really I surprised myself at how unfit I had become. The worst bit was that my legs hurt for a whole week, which is shameful as marathon runners get less pain after the event.

Two weeks later I thought I should try it again. This time, I would go out early to avoid any possible interactions with other humans and the absolute embarrassment of looking like a heavy-breathing beetroot. For context, my nickname at school was “Rooty” because I went red very easily. In fact, people would say, “hey, everyone look at Rooty and he will go red” and I always did. It has been a big mental barrier throughout my life and career but with age its softening. I does stop me going to the gym as being around others who I think will judge me is just not worth the health benefits. Its a debilitating and I know stupid hang up but whatevs. I should probably go to therapy.

Anyway, I digress…

This time, I thought, nobody will see me, I’m going to take it really slowly and not burn out too early like last time. I’m going to run down the canal in a direction I’ve not been before so at the very least it will be a nice walk. I set off at what can only be described as geriatric pace. I thought, I’ll run for 1 minute on, 1 minute off, like they tell you to do on all of those patronising fitness things for obese people. To my surprise, I felt ok after a minute so thought I’d give it another minute. Again, I felt ok, so thought lets just keep going until i NEED to stop. Honestly, it didn’t happen till about 15 minutes and I was quite impressed with myself. I took a minute break, turned around and set myself the goal of getting back without stopping.

I only gone an done it ain’t I? Albeit at 11 minute mile pace, but longevity is my aim here. In total 28 minutes running over something like 4km.

2 weeks on and I’ve been for 2 further runs with another planned tomorrow. Whilst I’m still putting on weight (mainly because I’m a pig) I’m at least getting some exercise ducks in a row.

Lets just hope I get to FIRE alive.


One thought on “#9 Running

  1. Awesome job! I look like I’m dying when I run, which I haven’t done in about a year, due to a small injury (part of it) and general laziness (most of it). But I am planning on signing up with a friend to do a 5k towards the end of the summer. I was debating whether people who want to read about FIRE would also want to read about fitness too, but such a big motivator for fitness is quality of life after retirement! I’m so glad I saw this today, on the day I’m planning to start C25K AGAIN hehe.


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