#10 Postman M@, Postman M@, Postman M@ in his Partial FI Hat

(Post naming reference, definitely one for the UK readers…)

If any of you have read my earlier posts, you may know that I’m 40 and am aiming to retire “early” at 55. This plan includes working in my current role (or at least a job at my current pay-grade) for the next 10 years. It’s an aggressive plan that I’m realising may be optimistic given the uncertainty in my industry and my own mental health and so I cannot bank on having my current earnings for that long.

I’m relatively confident I can last 5 years but I do not have any backup plan beyond that point. So, I’ve been consoling myself and looking into the idea of partial FI, or arguably LeanFI, and having this as my major milestone vs Retiring Early per se. A number whereby I can at least relax a bit and afford to take a significant pay cut.

I do not think I would be a healthy early retiree in many respects as I’m lazy by nature and so will end up sitting and watching TV and getting fat(ter), so I’ve been thinking about this number to hit so that I can switch from my career in business development (well paid by I find v. stressful) to something relatively stress-free which can sustain me and cover bills/fun money until I can retire in full.

Thus, I think I want to be a postman.

As a person with reclusive tendencies*, I quite like the idea of this, getting some exercise on foot/bike and getting out and about generally. I’m a naturally early riser, and I like the idea of finishing early and going to the pub with my fellow posties. I’ll get the social element I’m missing now (as I work from home 5 days a week), both with co-workers and customers, and probably rabid dogs.

(*I’m aware this does not go with the traditional extrovert persona of those in business development, which is why I find every day a struggle)

My wife is a bit of a snob and said she would be embarrassed, but I don’t really care if I have to deliver post to my friends’ houses. It’s a chance to catch up. I’m under no illusion its pretty badly paid, and probably significantly more unpleasant than I imagine it is, but without the worry over finances by that point, the pay is less important so I think the positive social element and exercise will serve me well for retirement.

Is this a completely stupid idea? I’m hoping at least one of my avid readers (ie. n=12 of you) have experience of being a postman. Anyone? No?

Context: I was inspired to write this today as I work from my home office and looked out and saw our postman, in a short sleeved shirt, whistling as he meandered down the road on this glorious sunny day. Ask me again in January if I still think this is a good idea.

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