Way Beyond My Own Understanding

I am feeling uneasy since yesterday. I dont even have the drive to create something special for my facebook page. Honestly speaking, nauumay ako.

I spent the last 3 years, since 2020, writing about foods, and health, and wellness. I have been teaching people how to eat better for optimal health. At kahit paulit-ulit pa, paulit-ulit lang din ang tanong, “tama ba itong kinakain ko Doc? Paano ba ako gagaling, Doc? Ito doc, pwede ba ito?

Don’t get me wrong. I love my advocacy. But people lately become too obsessed with EVERYTHING GOOD to a point where they do not allow space for mistake. Kaunting mali, and they will get so anxious about it.

I lived an anxious life for quite sometime. I know how it feels like na bawat galaw mo ay karkulado. Bawat mali mo, you will overthink, to a point na feeling mo ikamamatay mo na kinabukasan.

First of all, napakatalino ng lumikha sa atin. At napakagaling ng ating katawan. Kung paano ito nagpupump ng dugo na wala namang makinarya at higit sa lahat, how we are ALIVE is already such an incredible mistery na kahit pa physiology wouldn’t be able to find out why. To be able to breath, and to die. The reality that nobody can ever recreate life instead of Birth, already tells us something: we couldn’t find answers to everything. That is how God wants us to realize, na hindi natin siya matatapatan, and we are limited, ngunit Siya ay ang dakilang karunungan.

I have been in the field of science ever since I was 15. I fell in love with human body so I took Medicine because I want to know more. I want to Treat the Human Body. Pero habang tumatagal, habang tumatanda ako sa field na ito, habang mas marami akong nalalaman at natututunan, mas lalo kong nauunawaang napakaraming bagay na impossible lalo na if we become greedy of knowledge, because we simple can’t have it all, know it all, and perform it all.

I studied nursing when I was 15 and finished at 19. I went to med school since 2010. I became a Licensed Physician last 2015. SInce then all I did was treat, but eveythime, I encounter a difficult case, the only effective measure that have ever worked was PRAYER.

I find myself praying for each of my patient but more for those I wanna give up to. Yung di ko na alam ang gagawin because my methods won’t work anymore. Ipinagpapasa Diyos ko nalang and surprisingly, they get better. I am not a Faith healer. Yet, I truly believe that FAITH HEALS.

If only I could answer to everyone in my page: “JUST PRAY”, I would… Ngunit marami pang hindi handang tumanggap. Hindi pa handa ang mga puso nila.

Author: docfiatencio

MD, Instant Mom, Cancer Warrior, God's work in progress

4 thoughts on “Way Beyond My Own Understanding”

  1. Hi doc fi
    You touch me and make me realized na we don’t need to be in a perfect world, naview ko yong fb live mo with coach Ann it’s no scripted
    Keep inspiring us…


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