Courage to be Uncomfortable

Parang antagal kong hindi nakapagsulat but I finally got time to meditate again.

In every reset, there is always an uncomfortable feeling about starting over. Minsan it is scary to challenge yourself to the unfamiliar but you have to do it anyways kasi you’ll only grow when you get out of your comfort zone.

I don’t think I’ve mastered the art of being courageous, but, what drives me more in doing things I am afraid of is the Fear of remaining in the state of curiosity sa mga what ifs in life. Hindi ako matapang but I wanted to try because I want to see my potentials and discover things I can only unfold through TRYING. Losing and failing something despite of effort is better than just watching them gone without doing anything.

Im happy to be back… I’m happy that I’m always trying to pick up where I left. I am happy to build the courage of just not being discourad with failures and pauses.

Flawed and Beautiful

This coconut tree taught me that you can be #Flawed and still be #Beautiful.

Just because you were born different, or circumstances in your life made you different and probably took away your once normal body and life, means you can’t make anymore Difference or even add up beauty sa mundong ito. Our soul speaks in a way unimaginable. If we can’t appeal to other people’s eyes, then let our soul appeal to their souls.

Tumayo ka lang. Stand tall and be confident despite your deformities. Speak your soul. Show your heart. Let your beauty radiate because it is the vibe that you send to everyone that matters the most.